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Who do you rock for?

Lyrics and Poems written for God
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This is a community for people who write music, poems, stories or anything about God. Its so share what you wrote, or share a song/poem/story that has really meant something to you, even if its written by another.

My username is iamoverrated talk to me if you have questions, prayer requests, or need someone to talk to. I will always, no matter who you are, or anything about you. my aim is nosweetgoobyes, if you ever need anything or need to talk.

-No critism. You can offer advice, but no "that sucked, go die" stuff.

-No profanity.

-When you join, tell about yourself, when you became a christian, what are some bands you like, andything you want us to know.

-And this isnt a must, but please use close to proper English..I cant stand when people say "and they aint cool 4 nuttin, u no?" and stuff like that.

- Advertising is okay, but let it resemble the communities theme.

-It would be nice to comment on each others works. (aka, treat others as you want to be treated)

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