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King Jesus Is All

Song that has been in my head for the past few days. It's a really old song I learn when I was a kid.

King Jesus Is All

King Jesus is all (King Jesus is all)
My all in all (My all in all)
And I know that He'll answer (And I know that He'll answer)
Me when I call (Me when I call)
Walking by my side (Walking by my side)
I'm satisfied (I'm satisfied)

King Jesus is all
My all in all

Well, I went out to meet the Lord (O yeah)
Got down on my Knee-ee-ees
Said my very first prayer (Amen!)
You know the holy sprit meet me there

Well, I stepped on a rock
The rock was sound
Ooo the love of God came a tumbling down

The reason I know that He saved me Soul
I dug down deep and I found pure gold

(Repeat King Jesus is all)
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