..:jade:.. (chyse) wrote in lyrics4christ,

i was in a car accident two days ago. my fault...second one in two years, so my insurance is fun. my car is totaled, but looking at the car i'm just glad to be alive. i dunno...going through that made me realize that swearing you won't mess up doesn't help much. it made me more God-fearing, because i realized how much i'm not as in control as i wanna believe i am. if i had died in it, i'm not so sure i'd be in Heaven. I just want to say thanks to God...and ask for just a small prayer...because there's a reason for every little thing here. my dad even suggests that it may be a blessing in disguise. a friend of mine who tried to kill herself a few weeks ago...she cried when she heard about it because she was scared. and her jouenal entry afterward made me feel like good can come out of bad.
life is so short and precious. and God really does work in mysterious ways...an he really will protect you, even if you don't deserve it.
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