aloudervoice (aloudervoice) wrote in lyrics4christ,

the army

this is something i wrote in line with the 24-7 vision:


This is the army

These are the warriors

They look ahead to death

But still they wish to live

The unknown holds no fear for them

And their pain is overcome by love

These warriors are ready for war

But prepared for peace

These unknown heroes

Show mercy and love

But are unafraid to fight

For the very existence of the people who

Have no faith in God

They have seen first-hand

The grace of Christ

Calling them back from beyond the grave

The very doors He smashed into


Cannot hold them

Their message is unwanted, like radiation

They penetrate to the core of the world

Causing emotions to be freed

Destroying the equilibrium

Unhappy with the way things are

Wanting no less than perfection, like Christ

They seek a new King

And expect persecution

They risk their lives daily

For truth and love and freedom

Not waiting for tomorrow

But living for today

Praying 24-7

The only protection they need

Secretly preparing the candles in the darkness

Until that great explosion of sound

When a candle is lit

Piercing the darkness

The warriors scream with purpose

The army cries with joy

As another soldier joins the ranks

Never looking back

They give all they have to the poor

Becoming like the wind

Owning nothing, touching everything

They chill this false world

And laugh as people are

Startled by their presence

This is an army of passion

Whose motion can never be stopped

The world sees them as bones

But only cos they’re consumed by the fire of


This is an army of young people

All young in spirit though

Not necessarily in body

Like a well-oiled machine

They work in harmony

Never fighting among themselves

This is an army that will die

So that the rest might live

They lose nothing in death

But have everything to gain in life

They want nothing for themselves

They eat out of necessity

Never to excess

The clothes on their backs are old and worn

The Bibles under their arms

Fall apart at the seams

Passed down through the generations

Stained with tears of joy and sorrow

This is the most precious thing they own –

The Word of life.

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