KelliAnne (aquaguitargirl) wrote in lyrics4christ,

Hey... I haven't updated on this in a while.
I'm Kelli, and I'm 17 years old.
I've been a christian for over four years now,
but like everyone else I have a my bad days.
I love music but my passion is photography.
Check out my journal if you want.
I love Relient K and recently fell in love with Anberlin again.
I also love Switchfoot and I'm hoping I can get Nothing Is Sound pretty soon.
Anyway, enough about me and on to my song...
It's nothing great.

Sin-washed Child

I go through each day
thinking I'm out on my own.
So many times I forget you.

Try to make myself believe
everything's under my control.
When inside I'm falling apart.

A sinner,
a liar,
not worthy of love.
My eyes at my feet
should be turned up above.
You walk with me each day,
and I don't hear when you say,
"I'm here, you're my sin-washed child."

Nights crying alone
because I am never enough.
Not knowing you're wiping my tears.

The guilt building up,
as mistakes run through my head.
How could I have done what I did?

I'm a fake,
I'm useless,
I'll never get it right.
But into my darkness,
You always bring light.
While holding me you say,
"Know my love stays the same."
I'm free, as your sin-washed child.

Falling into your arms,
I recieve your amazing love.
A breeze of relief sweeps over me.

I don't have to hide,
now I'm safe here with you.
You forgive me when I'm not worthy.

You love me,
you know me.
How can both be true?
You even clense me of
the selfish things I do.
You whisper as you say,
"My life is the way".
I'm here, as a sin-washed child.
I'm free, as your sin-washed child.
I'm yours.
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